Case Studies

Read our case studies below relating to specific areas.

Back Pain

I have had lower back pain for over 20 years. After two visits to Dr. Zheng, my lower back pain has almost gone and the stiffness has eased constantly! (Sales Manager, 44)

I have had lower back pain for years. After the first visit to Dr. Zheng, my pain is very much relieved. The pain eased after every visit. (Retired, 65)

I have had 12 lots of treatment for my back. I have received acupuncture and herbal tea from Dr. Zheng and I’ d like to say I feel 100% better. Now I can travel on the bus and train and feel no pain. I would recommend it to anyone with a bad back. (Housewife, 43)

I have suffered with bad back pain for 6 years and life was taken over by pain. Since coming for treatment from Dr. Zheng, I have been feeling pain free. I can recommend this to anyone so give it a go. (Manager, 50)

I have been suffering with chronic pain in my back and down my left side. When I started my first course of treatment, I found that I could lift my arm up that I haven’t been able to do since the accident I had in work three and half years ago. As the treatment went on, I have also discovered the pain has eased sores. But I have found that the acupuncture was painful and the soup quite bitter. I must say thank you to Dr. Zheng for helping me with a lot of pain after I have my last course of treatment. (Engineer, 53)

Leg Pain

Two months ago, I developed a terrible pain in my left leg and hip. I talked to my doctor who advised exercise. I had visions of spending the rest of my life in pain. Then my wife suggested I visit Dr. Zheng. After a great deal of pressure, I decided to visit Dr. Zheng. He suggested acupuncture and herbal tea. I was reluctant but agreed. After the first treatment, I feel free and good. This hasn’t happened in my life. Thanks Dr. Zheng! He is a great and excellent doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. (Housewife, 44)

I have had leg pain for over 2 years after a side effect of taking high blood pressure tablets from my GP. After visiting Dr. Zheng, he said I suffer gout. And after 6 visits, my left knee is completely pain free and the right knee has improved a great deal - only a slight pain in it when I walk down stairs. After visit 12, both knees had no more pain! I can now easily walk down buses and stairs. (Retired, 65)

I want to thank Dr. Zheng for relieving the pain and swelling that I had in my knees, especially my right knee. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 1997 and have had many painful flare ups in my feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and also in my back. This last flare up was extremely painful. In March 2004, I went to Dr. Zheng. My first treatment went well, although painful due to the swelling of my knees. But I have to say that I was really overjoyed the next morning when coming down my stairs to find that it was so easy and almost pain free - the first time in quite a few years. Each time after, I have found the following treatments to cause more relief and more ease at movement. Thank you very much for all that you have done for me in such a short time. (Sales, 45)

Neck & Shoulder Pain

I had shoulder and neck problems; probably due to stress and posture problems. After 12 visits and combining acupuncture together with herbal tea and massage, my symptoms have resolved. (Joiner, 47)

I came to visit Dr. Zheng with pain in neck and shoulders – I’d had it for about 10 years. I couldn’t move my neck; it was so bad that I could not drive. After 3 months, I visited Dr. Zheng for acupuncture, herbal medicine, herbal patch, and massage - I now find it easy to move my neck without pain. The treatment and Dr. Zheng’s high skill gives me release. I attended the NHS and they told me they could not do any more for me. (Retired, 66)

I came to visit Dr. Zheng with a very difficult problem and pain down through the right side of my body (neck, spine, and hip). I had this pain since 1972 after the accident. I had tried everything; western medicine failed - in fact, it made the situation worse. And I found the pain was increasing. On November 2002, I started Dr. Zheng’s treatment with acupuncture, herbal tea, herbal patch, and massage. After the first visit, my pain started to lessen. And I continued the treatment through to March 2003. All my pain has gone. In fact, I feel my body healthier and I have more energy for my work. (Schoolteacher, 51)

Skin Conditions

I consulted Dr. Zheng on 3rd March 2004 for the first time regarding a nicol dermatitis from which I had been suffering for the previous three years.

Previously I had used steroid creams which gave short-term relief but with the side effect of fatigue. By the end of a six-week treatment programme by Dr. Zheng - using acupuncture, herbal tea, lotion/cream, and pills - my skin has gone back to normal. A condition of sinusitis that I have had since childhood has greatly improved. I feel that my back is much straighter, especially the thoracic and shoulder area. My eyes are brighter, I have a much livelier appearance, and I have a general feeling of wellbeing.

Doctor Zheng is extremely knowledgeable, is extremely skilful, and treated me in a highly professional manner. He improved my health and general wellbeing, whereas the National Health Service was unable to help to any significant degree. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Zheng to anyone seeking to improve their health. Traditional Chinese medicine is beneficial for a whole-body experience. (Nurse, 56)

I have had skin problem for more than 6 months! My body was very itchy, and I scratching all the time. It makes me sick and cannot sleep. The NHS could not find out what the problem was and only gave some creams to me but not help. I decide to visit TCM clinic, and fortunately, I met Dr. Zheng. He was very quickly told me what makes me itch and give herbal wash, herbal tea, and cream to me. After taking herbal tea, wash, and cream for one week, I can sleep through the night. After two more weeks of treatment, I had no more itches. I am so glad. That is excellent! (Retired, 82)

I had been troubled with an itch on my arm for two years. Family doctor had prescribed several creams but none seemed to work. After one month of acupuncture, herbal tea, and washes, my problem has almost gone and I can sleep at night without scratching. (School Teacher, 41)

Having suffered psoriasis for many years, I decided to try Chinese herbal medicine. I was having no luck with Western methods. The doctor and staff were very good, and after a short time, I started to see an improvement in my condition. After two months of herbal and acupuncture treatment, the worst of my condition is much better. All that remains is a small patch, which is still improving. The redness associated with my conditions is also disappearing. Very pleased! (engineer, 27)


I first came to sea Dr Zheng four weeks ago when my eye sight was poor; my eyes were sore and itchy, my body was in pain, and my mouth and my face was numb. I had not eaten any food a long time. I only drink milk and others can maintain my body’s energy.

After my first acupuncture session, my eyes could see a lot clearer. After a couple of weeks of treatment taking the herbal tea and tablets, my body feels a lot better. I have no pains in my feet and legs, and I am getting a lot of feeling back on my face and my mouth. I also started eating. That is excellent and amazing for me.


I have irritable bowel symptom for many years. Since I started visiting Dr. Zheng, I feel that the acupuncture and herbal tea been a help to me over the past weeks with my sickness and IBS. Now I feel great. Two months after, my general health has come back and I feel much comfortable. (Retired, 68)

Stop Smoking

After first treatment, I felt there was no more to smoke. I went from 22 cigarettes a day down to 5 a day. 3 more visits with acupuncture, and I was smoking no more cigarettes. Drinking the tea left me feeling good and calm. Although, the tea itself does not taste very nice. (Housewife, 46)


Having suffered from asthma for years, I am delighted at the result from Dr. Zheng’s treatment of acupuncture and herbal tea. After 12 visits, I no longer have to use my inhalers as regularly. I can go running without short breath. I am so happy that I can play with my friends. (Student, 12)

When I first came to Dr. Zheng, I was having terrible problems with breathing (asthma) and my skin (eczema). There was a substantial difference after the first treatment and every time after that too. Where Western medicine would help for a short time the treatment. 2 months after, all my symptoms have gone and feel good. (Engineer, 33)


I have suffered from sinusitis for many years. After the treatment with acupuncture and herbal tea, l the sinusitis has very much improved. This has been the best treatment for me out of many tried. (School Teacher, 45)

High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Overweight

I first attended Dr. Zheng in November 2003 with chronic blood pressure problems of over 20 years. I was on very heavy doses of traditional medicine from my GP which was making me constantly tired, lethargic, and always falling asleep. In addition to this, I had asthma problems and problems with being overweight.

After three months’ treatment from Dr. Zheng, I am now off of traditional hypertension treatment completely and my blood pressure has stabilised at a normal level for my age. I really feel like a new person. I am continuing treatment for asthma and weight; my weight has fallen by one and a half stone since the treatment first began and I am now off of steroid treatment completely for asthma. However, I’m still on a small amount of Ventolin.

As a professional person, I can say that Dr. Zheng is a wholly competent and highly experienced practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine whose integrity and professionalism are both of the very highest order. (School Teacher, 68)


Since November 1999, I have been having problems with various things, all related to stress, anxiety, and depression. The main problems were will the bladder, sleep, and palpitations. During that time, I have tried several ways to improve and/or get rid of these but have mere completely succeeded. With Dr. Zheng, I have seen an improvement after few days of treatments with acupuncture, herbal teas, and pills. Four weeks after, I feel very energetic, positive, and almost all my symptoms have gone. I am very impressed. (IT Consultant, 38)